History of Makeup

In the past times, make up has been used for everything right from beauty adornment to rituals, from ceremonies to other related events both at household and at large scale events. There are origin stories to many of the beauty product that we use today starting from eye liners, Kohl to maybe lipsticks per say. In various ancient versions of the present countries such as Egypt, Greece, France, there is history of origin of make up products. They were not only used to beautify oneself but also for some distinguished purposes.

Liquid eyeliners also known as kohl was used as bug repellent in ancient Egypt whereas in Greece, wigs and eye related make up were used by men so that they can perform on the stage the female part of any play or story because there at that time, women were not allowed to perform on the stage in front of so many people. During Phoenicians time, Metal in powdered form such as gold dust was used on eyelids and face so that the wealthier person could be distinguished from those who were not. It was Egyptians who came up with the concept of ‘THREADING’ while tackling with problem of hair removal. They developed this technique wherein a fine piece of thread was used to pull out as many hair as was necessary to be taken out at one time.

Isn’t it interesting?

Be whatever the reason may, people used make up in one way or the other to enhance one or the other part of the body or to serve some or the other purpose that would have been the need at that point of time.

The field of make up continued to grow and flourish, changing with each passing time as the cosmetic technology grew in popularity among people. New technologies gave birth to newer and better products and people started to use these products in one form or the other. AT present, if we look at the current generation, we could not easily find a person who is away from any form of make up. A person at least uses face cream, face washes, scrubs. And what are these? A part of make up.